As the oldest brewery in South Carolina, Palmetto Brewing has been making great beer since 1993. We hope you enjoy their fantastic brews as we carry the following brands:



Our downtown Charleston version of a wheat India Pale Ale has a generous and inviting head that releases a sneak peek to the complexity beneath. Now, close your eyes and inhale the flora of Chinook hops which introduce you to the unique aroma of confederate jasmine, followed by subtle wafts of citrus and flowers provided by the Citra hops.



An easy drinking thirst quencher with enough complexity to keep things exciting. This refreshing white IPA is brewed with “toasty” Munich and wheat malts. The citrusy blend of hops provides a beautiful complement to our Belgian yeast, and just enough IBUs to declare it an IPA.



The perfect pilsner for the Lowcountry heat and a throwback to the dominant turn of the century Charleston beer style. A light, clean, crisp flavor with a subtle hop finish and aroma that can only be achieved with a bohemian pilsner brewed with our southern style. This pilsner pairs well with our fresh seafood and poultry dishes.